Now that Passover has Passed Over…

Other than Chanukah, Passover is without a doubt the busiest time of year for me professionally. During the month and a half leading up to this year’s holiday life was good and busy. I taught several Passover cooking classes in 3 separate schools, prepared 3 full Seders for different clients (before even getting to my own 2 Seders!) and with whatever time I had left posted diligently on my new Passover blog. Now that the holiday has come and gone I feel relief while at the same time a bit of a letdown. During Passover I had to keep reminding myself to not inadvertently eat bread products or chametz, while now I have to remember that I can. Now’s the time to get back to writing and doing research for my Sephardic Passover cookbook which was the original motivation for my blog. I will still post to my blog but probably not as often.

Question: What are you doing with any leftover or unopened boxes of matzah?

I know that for me any matzah will be put to good use at some point since I have many Passover recipes to write and develop for the cookbook. Last week I stopped by Streit’s matzah factory down on the Lower East Side for the unveiling of the newest post-Passover matzah flavor: poppy seed and onion. You know what? It was surprisingly good! And even though I have had my fill of matzah for some time, I can see why this is a year-round industry. Stay tuned!


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One thought on “Now that Passover has Passed Over…

  1. kosherlikeme April 22, 2013 at 2:18 pm Reply

    poppy seed and onion sounds delish. Surprising that it hasn’t been done before… Thanks for letting us know.

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